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The wanted:Guild demo is a short Unity3d based web app that let’s you explore through the initial living room area. While you can see the game world you cannot travel to it. Depending on your connection it might be more feasible for you to download the zipped local version available below.

wanted: Guild Web Demo (130mb)

Download wanted:Guild

What is it?

wanted:Guild is an interactive installation that comments on the hyperreality experienced by World of Warcraft (WoW) hardcore gamers. It is a 3d interactive narrative experience where the audience interacts with virtual elements which reveal snippets of interviews with WoW gamers. Part exploratory game, part choose your own adventure story, and part interactive documentary, wanted: Guild explores the impact, positive and negative, that WoW has on gamers and their lives.

Through their interaction and exploration the audience knits together pieces of fragmented story, creating order out of the chaos of various speakers and narrative pieces. In doing so they are experience the deep impact WoW has had, and continues to have, on the lives of gamers. Each audience member explores and interacts with the fragmented narrative in their own way; in doing so their choices create different pathways, creating a different overall narrative each time.

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  1. Image quality is greatly improved when selecting a high resolution on startup, compared to running the build in the Rift’s native 1280×800 resolution.
  2. It seems you should run the demo in a 16:9 aspect ratio -or- at an aspect ratio matching your primary monitor. When the aspect ratio isn’t 16:9, the view inside the Rift is distorted. This is weird, since the aspect ratio of the Rift’s screen is 16:10. We only have 16:9 monitors, we cannot test this thoroughly. It might be that you should choose an aspect ratio corresponding to your primary monitor when mirroring your Rift.

Note: We don’t know if our observations are consistent across different setups. If you experience different results or any other weird stuff, please let us know.

wanted:Guild and all its contents are intended for educational purposes only. Certain game elements, images, and music are copyright Blizzard Entertainment. The limited use of copyrighted material is believed to constitute fair use. World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment. The author(s) is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. All other elements are copyright of Chester Cunanan and Drexel University.