Unity 3d

Dexter House

The Dexter House is a virtual recreation of the eighteenth-century Philadelphia house of James Dexter, who helped found the country’s first black self-help organization. It is built on researched measurements and statistics and features recreated artifacts excavated from the site. Recently the Dexter House was moved into the Unity 3d engine with the intent of creating a more interactive experience. Oculus Rift support was also added.

Explore the Dexter House (1st floor, requires Unity 3d)

Download the Dexter House

Day Night Cycle (switching lightmaps)

Day Night Cycle was built as a Unity 3d demo to illustrate the possibility of lightmap blending and switching along with an animated global light to create a semi-realistic day night cycle within Unity 3d. Elements were added to account for axial tilt and world location coordinates to create semi-realistic weather conditions.

Download the Day Night Cycle